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Subjectpre91-1 dies under heavy swapping (vmscan)

Just booted up pre91-1 after building it, went to build the floppy driver
as a module and the system just fell silent. <Alt><Scroll> showed it was
looping in swap_out_vma() in mm/vmscan.c Very repeatable (100%).

Backing out the patches to page_alloc.c and vmscan.c "fixes" the problem.
I haven't the time to look at it in more detail now.

Easy to reproduce - just boot with mem=8m and compile floppy.c

[Side note: SysRq+u won't unmount for you when you do this, so be careful]

[Side note 2: SysRq+anything seems to leave the keyboard in an un-typeable
state until you ALT+Fn to another console and back.]


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