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    SubjectThe GGI and EvStack debate -- Linus and such persons please reard.
    Please take all I saw with a grain of salt.  I am afraid most of my
    theory is not in computer OSes but in small systems. I also haven't
    done much to contribute to the kernel but report bugs and say thank
    you. Currently though, I am trying to pay back the GNU/Linux group by
    writing some software I need and will be placing it under GPL once I can
    work most bugs out.

    Now with the salt, pass some reality: GGI sounds like a great idea. I
    haven't tried it yet. I will be as soon as I finish the above project
    and get a spare machine I can afford to lose data on (note, I rarely run
    anything beta, though I do run 2.1.86 and 2.1.88 because some software
    wouldn't work in 2.0.33). I am not sure anyone argues that GGI is a
    good idea.

    It seems Linus (though I respect him, think he is intelligent, I don't
    believe he is infallible! No one is!) doesn't like the EvStack due to
    the ideas of multiple keyboards. Linus and gang, are terminals (text or
    otherwise) valid input devices for Linux? If so why can't a machine
    have multiple video cards with multiple input devices arbitrarily
    assigned to them. This would allow fast graphics (not just a dumb X
    term) to be displayed for each user of the system. Yes, I agree this
    could be bloat city (so could GGI) but it could also be a fast, small,
    tight system. FDcons (I believe that was the similar thing the Mac
    Linux had) and EvStack are both the extremes it seems. Maybe with a
    little effort and trust and acceptance GGI and the combined
    FDcons/EvStack could be tested and given ideas on.

    Ok, enough chew out of Linus and Gang, GGI org, it is your turn now.
    Most of the people who want to try out GGI seem to also be running
    2.1.8x or 2.1.9x so provide patches for GGI against those. This should
    be done before 2.0.3x but 3x is nice as well. I am not sure how easily
    this is done. If you can provide me with such a patch (against 2.1.88
    or 2.1.91 when it comes out [if it proves to be stable enough]) give me
    a few weeks to wrap up my current project and I will gladly run Xggi and
    KGI etc. on a system I can throw together. While it only has an old 486
    with an S3 805 card (I think), I could do tests.

    Anyway, I am sure this is off topic. I hope this has offended no one.
    Linux is a great Unix, but given the fact some people have fallen in
    love with its stability (namely me for example) and would rather play
    games on it instead of Win95 it would be nice that the graphics can be
    just as fast, or faster, and just as high quality. This requires at
    least GGI. EvStack sounds intriguing and if it doesn't become bloat and
    Linus grants it a "Let's test this out people" status it would be great
    to play with. Anyway, live long, write code, have fun, and offend only
    the incompetent, not your allies.

    Trever Adams
    "No man knows how bad he is till he has tried very hard to be good."
    ~C.S. Lewis

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