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SubjectRe: GGI Project Unhappy On Linux
So, I think the last thing Linus said here was that he didn't have time to 
think about a subsystem that wasn't complete. No other qualifications were

The last thing I saw from the GGI camp was that it wasn't wholey useful yet.

I think the technical issue is whether the kernel provides services beyond
that which is needed to boot and get a basic terminal up. Many folks think
it's enough to give a user space thing hooks into the kernel, ala X. There was
also some question as to whether sound should be where it is, or farther out
into userland.

I think Linus's comment is the most important. The code has been "slushy" for
some time now, a major subsystem violates that freeze.

When 2.2 is out, and GGI is more complete, perhaps then the folks will be able
to look at it closely.

On the other hand, perhaps folks should now, to make sure it goes a useful
direction as far as future kernel plans go.

A side comment:

It may be a far better thing for Linux et al to figure out how to give better
access to the hardware for such projects. I think they may be doing this, but
don't quote.

The other reason you shouldn't quote me is that as far as linux goes, I am
just some schmuck sys-admin watching the kernel list for my own future

(I certainly don't speak for anyone but me.)
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