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SubjectRe: keyboard repeat rate, increase ceiling?
Pavel Machek <> on Tue, Mar 24, 1998 at 09:45:25PM +0100:
> > It's hardware. Each key normally sends the kernel a <MAKE> code when
> > pressed and a <BREAK> code when released. When the keyboard repeats,
> > it sends <MAKE> codes without intervening <BREAK>s. You *could* get
> > around it by rewriting the keyboard driver to do repeats in software,
> > but please be aware that it is not a trivial thing to do.
> And - it might be good thing (tm) to do that. I would like to see that
> feature...
> [...]
> PS: I believe that on sparc's we already do autorepeat in SW.

Can someone confirm this?

Sure would be nice to have it on the intel boxes. Unfortunately,
knowing only basic C, I can't be of much help.


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