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Subject2.1.90 hard lockup

Experienced hard lockup (first yet, after running this kernel since it was released) with 2.1.90 a few minutes ago under the following conditions:

No messages in logfiles unfortunately (too sudden?).
I was at the time editing a file in xemacs and playing a module in mikmod (with realtime scheduling - risky perhaps but not critical). When I pressed space in mikmod (pause) my machine froze hard, forcing me to do a hard reset.

Another thing (probably unrelated) I noticed in my logfiles (printed when booting):
Mar 25 19:34:14 narayan kernel: Error seeking in /dev/kmem
Mar 25 19:34:14 narayan kernel: Error adding kernel module table entry.

Versions of interesting stuff:
basically a debian gnu 2.0 system updated as follows:
kernel 2.1.90 compiled with egcs-2.90.27 (UP)
libc6 2.0.7pre1-1 1.9.6-2
modutils 2.1.85
something interesting I forgot?
.config at request

one pentium mmx 166mhz on intel 430tx chipset
64 mb ram

Jakob Borg [finger for PGP key]

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