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Subject[OFFTOPIC?] LILO and Windows NT

Excuse this posting, as it may be offtopic for the Kernel list, but I
don't know where else to post such a question.

Here's my situation: I have on my computer several (okay, many)
partitions. Most of them are Win95 partitions, one is for Linux, one is
for the Linux swap, and one more is a Windows NT partition. A while ago,
I reformatted my Win95 boot partition, unknowingly erasing my access to
Windows NT and Linux in the process (luckily I had my handy-dandy Linux
boot disk right next to me....) Previously, I was using LILO to switch
between Linux and the Win95 partition, then the Windows NT boot manager
would kick in to ask me whether I really meant Win95 or did I mean
WinNT. Now, of course, the WinNT boot manager isn't there anymore, and
since I don't have my WinNT CD handy--and plus I prefer it this way--I
was wondering if there was a method of getting LILO to recognize the
WinNT partition as bootable. I've run LILO several times normally, just
as if I were updating the Kernel version, but it only finds the Linux
and Win95 partitions. Is there a special way of making it find the WinNT
partition, or am I out of luck here?

Thank you all,
Mathew Burrack

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