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    I have currently the following hardware:

    * IDE CD-R (Mitsumi 2801-TE)
    * IDE CD-ROM (Teac 16x, IIRC)

    The problem is, that I can't use both at the same time. I have to tell the
    kernel that "hdd=cdrom" (the teac drive), and it says that hdd = ATAPI cdrom
    (?). The scsi emulation doesn't seem to honour this, and it sees only the
    CD-R that gets detected normally. If I move the CD-ROM to be hdb, it gets
    detected, but that's unacceptable (UDMA hard drive becomes slow!).

    It wouldn't be that bad if I could mount the CD-R through scsi emulation,
    but that doesn't seem to work.. But still I should be able to use the IDE
    driver for the CD-ROM and the scsi-emu driver for the CD-R!

    Has anyone coded a general solution for this? If not, I'll have to kluge
    around it.. Or maybe make a general solution, if I can :) I don't care if I
    have to use a development kernel as long as this works.

    Any pointers to more documentation about scsi emulation would be
    appreciated, only docs I've found are the kernel compile-time helps. Yes, I
    did search the HOWTOs and the web, but found nothing. (Documentation/
    directory doesn't have anything either, not in 2.0.x or 2.1.x)

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