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SubjectRe: HSM + Linux
On Thu, 19 Mar 1998, Jason Duerstock wrote:

> Is there any current or planned support for hierarchical storage
> management in any of the Linux file systems? I would be really interested
> to see something in ext2 (or maybe Coda since it's already chock full o'
> userland fun) where a file could be set with an 'off-line' attribute at
> which the I/O operation would block until a daemon could bring it
> on-line...
> Am I totally off in left field here?

Just a bit :-). We would want to support files that are
larger than the 'caching device', so we shouldn't page in
a complete file. Furthermore, as a file could be spread out
over more 'background storage volumes', we'd want the application
to unblock as soon as the first blocks of data have arrived.

To do that, we'd need:
- a Dvd-FS like, multi-volume support for the background media
- a (kernel-level?) method for paging in/out chunks of file
- some other bookkeeping thing
- a way to warn the user that his file is on background storage,
so he/she doesn't abort the program in frustration :-)

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