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    Subject2.1.90 toxic to my system
    2.1.90 is the first 2.1 kernel I've tried installing.  So far
    it's pretty disappointing on my system, as it tends to lock up
    within a few minutes of booting. I would be happy to provide
    more information if I could figure out how to get it; usually the
    lockups freeze the system so hard that only hitting the reset
    button produces a response, and the couple of times I was able to
    type things or switch VCs on the way down I didn't think to hit
    one of the magic keys to see if it would tell me where it was
    wedged. This system is running fine under 2.0.33. If someone
    does take an interest in this I'd also be happy to provide
    whatever hardware and configuration details that you request.

    I sort of suspect it's related to SCSI oddities; under 2.0.33 I
    have to boot my system with "BusLogic=0,1" to prevent SCSI
    timeouts under heavy I/O on my BusLogic 545C. Strangely, lilo
    seems to be very good at triggering catatonia. It always gets
    through the initial fscks on reboot fine, though.

    The only other problem I've seen in the brief times 2.1.90 was
    running for me is that the new sound driver exhibits a behavior
    where processes that are writing to /dev/audio don't seem to exit
    when the sound is done.

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