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SubjectRe: New Feature Idea: Configurable text(msgs)
On Tue, Mar 17, 1998 at 08:21:42PM +0100, wrote:

> Pondering about it, I think it's an advantage that I can, in the event
> of a kernel error message:
> a) Do a search on Altavista for the message, and come up with people
> who've had the same problem, and hopefully a solution as well. Even if
> they're posting the rest of the post in German (babelfish, here I come!)
> b) Mail the error message to developers, without having them twisting
> their brain trying to work out the correct back-translation from
> Norwegian to English (or whatever their working language is)
> c) Rely on a complete set of sensible and consistent error messages
> (i.e. what happens if somebody translates a kernel, and I apply patches
> to it in a different language? )
> With some clever design, b) and c) could be resolved I guess. But I
> don't think it is worth it, and while the notion that kernel developers
> ought to learn English is perhaps a bit arrogant, I don't think it's an
> unreasonable demand.
> Look at the extreme mess MS made out of trying to i18n their stuff, I
> get every app in a weird mixture of Norwegian, English and German.
> Not that my vote counts a lot, of course.... :-)

On OS/2 I remember getting errors like 'E1314' (or similar) when you
tried booting with an OS/2-formatted floppy. Unless you have the
accompanying error translation table you have to 'know' the error
messages. For embedded work and other areas where memory is tight,
this is a good idea. Random translations of messages without a common
reference used by the two messages is a bad idea.


Alexander Kjeldaas, Guardian Networks AS, Trondheim, Norway

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