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    SubjectRe: New Feature Idea: Configurable text(msgs)
    On Tue, 17 Mar 1998, Adam Heath wrote:

    > During a irc session, I came up with a bright idea to be able to change the
    > text, "core dump," either at compile time, or at run time through proc. This
    > would not be an improvement, but hey, it's linux, and we can do anything we
    > want.
    > Some examples that we came up with:
    > "Yeah, yeah, he said dump."
    > "Oh my god, they taped the brutal slaying of Kenny!"

    Gotta love the south park idea.....

    > I am not nescessarily saying someone else should do it. I just posted here
    > before I got started on it myself. If someone else beats me to the punch,
    > then great.
    > Also, why not have most of the error messages configurable? Ie kernel
    > translations into other languages?
    > Adam

    as long as the customizeable error message was accompanied by a message
    saying what the error actually was, it would be fine, but i can see myself
    getting pissed off because i changed all my error messages, and can't
    figure out what the problem actually is.

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