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SubjectRe: Random APM poweroff

> Ask Gigabyte - Poweroffs are caused almost always by PSU overloading or
> by heat problems. In general there is no way to accidentally soft power
> off a PC.

in the meantime i did more testing. I don't think i heave heat problems.
I can reproduce powering off with this 2 lines after logging in as root:

mount -t vfat /dev/sdb7 /mnt/rescue
cd /mnt/rescue/*hitting_tab* -> power goes off
I don't think that stresses my system too much... On the other hand i can
play a few hours quake or other games with Windows without poweroff ?!

> Unless you are a very serious hardware engineer with good scopes or omnipotent
> I think you make a dangerous assumption

ok, i don't claim to be an serious hardware engineer, but i can't
understand why Windows works and Linux not. If a process overheats the
cpu, it should power off the board independed of the os, right ?
It would believe in an powersupply Problem too, because reducing the
cpu-frequency helps. So Windows shouldn't work, too. But it does. I can't
see any logic.

Bye, Alex

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