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SubjectRe: still sound problems....
J. Maynard Gelinas wrote:
> I've had this exact same problem with 2.1.88 and 2.1.89,
> either compiled as a module or into a monolithic kernel; if I include
> mad16 support at all the kernel will bomb during compilation. I

What do you mean by bomb? Which compiler are you using? What is in your
.config file?

> posted a message about this some two weeks ago, but no one chimed up
> who also owned mad16 hardware. I don't know what's causing the
> problem, but I _can_ confirm that you're not the only one who's
> experienced it. If anyone resolves it, I'm looking forward to the
> patch!

I have an OPTi 82C931 based card that uses the mad16 driver. I started
using itbefore Linux-2.1.66 was current and build every kernel since
Only very few kernels were broken. Sound is certainly usefull with
kernels 2.1.88 and 2.1.89.
If it helps, this is the relevant part from my .config file:
# Sound
# CONFIG_PAS is not set
# CONFIG_GUS is not set
# CONFIG_MPU401 is not set
# CONFIG_PSS is not set
# CONFIG_SSCAPE is not set
# CONFIG_TRIX is not set
# CONFIG_CS4232 is not set
# CONFIG_MAUI is not set
# CONFIG_OPL3SA1 is not set
# CONFIG_SOFTOSS is not set
# CONFIG_VMIDI is not set
# CONFIG_UART6850 is not set

And these modules are needed for sound+synth support:
Module Size Used by
opl3 10132 0 (unused)
mad16 5208 0 (unused)
sb 22164 0 [mad16]
uart401 5632 0 [mad16 sb]
ad1848 14424 1 [mad16]
sound 63264 0 [opl3 mad16 sb uart401 ad1848]

And this is the relevant part from my conf.modules:
options sb mad16=1
#options mad16 irq=10 dma=0 io=0x530 joystick=1 cdtype=0
options mad16 irq=10 dma=0 dma16=1 io=0x530 joystick=1 cdtype=0
options opl3 io=0x388
(note - having dma16 in mad16 may cause an Oops in kernels earlier
than pre2.1.90-2).

Itai Nahshon

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