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Subjectkmod fix
> Thats fairly horrible to get right. You also have to cope with two parallel
> module loads going on and the case where the second kernel fork fails because
> you are out of processes

After looking at the problem last night, I got the feeling that
there are three cases:

1. a single module is requested (it might have many dependencies but
only one is passed through the request_module function)

2. a module is requested and loaded. Later this module loads
other modules (ppp works this way, i think)

3. a module is requested and while loading, requests another
module be loaded

Assuming that this is a correct analysis, case number 3 is the
real problem. Number 1 and 2 are already handled by kmod. I spent
a while last night trying to create a patch to kmod that would solve
number 3 but feel like fixing the offending modules would be easier.
Now, anyone know how correct the above analysis is? I didn't
have a chance to look at the "offending" modules much (but will certainly
be doing that tonight).

Kirk Petersen

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