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SubjectRe: ulimit
At 09:02 11/03/98 -0500, Mark Gray wrote:
>Marc RIESS <> writes:
>> I've a problem at the Linux boot :
>> >INIT: version 2.69 booting
>> >ulimit: not found
>> >Adding swap: 66492k swap-space (priority 1)
>> >/etc/rc.d/rc.S: cannot create Testing filesystem status: read-only
>> >INIT: Entering runlevel: 3
>> >ulimit: not found
>> >Going multiuser...
>> And it run rc.M, so I'm on read-only filesystem !
>> the message : "ulimit: not found" appears when i'm login or logout too
>> I think the problem came form ulimit,
>> but i don't found any documentation on it.
>> My /etc/rc.d/* and inittab are same before the bug !
>> Do you have an idea ?

>ulimit is a bash builtin --- (see help ulimit, and man bash)
it say the ulimit not used after linux 1.0.xx and now ?

>You aren't trying to use another shell instead of bash are you?
But at the init there're not shell, no ?

>What distribution are you using?
I've used the slackware 3.4 i've downloaded...

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