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SubjectRe: [patch] 2.1.89, 2GB physical memory, CONFIG_MAX_MEMSIZE

On 9 Mar 1998, H. Peter Anvin wrote:

> > [ ] Math emulation
> > [*] More than 1 gigabyte physical memory
> > (0x80000000) Max physical memory

> Perhaps it would be saner to specify this number in megabytes; it
> could be decimal then.

ok. There is still a problem with the readability of kernel oopses, maybe
we should print PAGE_OFFSET in the oops as well? Also there are a few
'comfort' things left: auto-skipping memory in mem_init(), printing a
warning about 'lost memory'. It would also be nice to determine the exact
size of the needed 'high virtual memory window', i think this is hard as
we cannot predict how much vmalloc()/ioremap() space we will use?

-- mingo

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