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SubjectRe: ATAPI cdrom cdda not supported for some cdrom drive?

Currently (and most likely forever) the 2.0.x kernels do not have a
version of ide-cd that supports the CDROMREADRAW ioctl, which I believe is
what cdda2wav uses (I haven't read its source for a while). The 2.1.x
kernels have a version of ide-cd that does support this. Therefore to get
cdda2wav to work, you should be using a 2.1.x kernel. Unfortunatly, it is
a non-trivial task to simply port the 2.1.x version back to the 2.0.x
series because of the large number of differences between the two. Also,
since 2.0.x has been frozen in stone for over a year (mostly...), I have
only been willing to let simple bug fixes go in. This would be a new
feature, so 2.1.x only for this I think.

Additionally, not all cdrom drives actually let you do this (but it works
fine with both of my ATAPI cdrom drives), so YMMV. Good luck,


The linux kernel ide-cd and uniform cdrom driver guy

Erik B. Andersen Web:
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On 9 Feb 1998, Jinsong Hu wrote:

> Hi, There,
> I have a ATAPI IDE cdrom that I wish to get the
> cdda2wav working. ont the same machine, I have a
> scsi cdrom and I was able to get the data from it.
> but I have difficulty extracting data from the
> IDE cdrom. I have linux 2.0.33 kernel and have the
> IDE cdrom driver compiled and I also have the
> ssound blaster driver compiled. I am able to mount
> data cdrom on the ide cdrom drive. but can't extract audio data
> from it. I tried to use:
> cdda2wav -D /dev/cdrom temp.wav
> for the ide atapi cdrom and it complained that the cdrom
> or driver doesn't support cdda. can anybody tell me the
> problem ? I tried to figure out how to put the cdda support into
> the driver but can't see the option in the driver feature list.
> (2.0.33 kernel), or simply my cdrom hardware is to be blamed ?
> can any body tell me what to do ?
> Jinsong
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