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    SubjectRe: Allocating uge chunks of kernel memory
    From said:
    > There is an optional "bigphysarea" patch that one of the other capture
    > drivers with similar hardware weaknesses uses. It commits the memory
    > at boot time.

    Where might I find the "biphysarea" patch? (I'm using 2.0.32.)

    That will probably do nicely. I understand that fragmentation would diminish
    my odds of getting a dynamically allocated large buffer. My application is
    somewhat specialized and I'm willing to hack the kernel to get what I want.

    Incidentally, Windows NT allows me to allocate these huge buffers. I notice
    that when I do so, it takes a long time and I hear the disk going for a
    while. I suspect it is dropping buffers, and possibly paging out process
    memory to get that stretch I need. It seems that page_alloc.c has the
    beginnings of this, but only works for single-page allocations.

    Steve Williams "The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and lines to code before I sleep, And lines to code before I sleep."

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