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SubjectRe: Allocating uge chunks of kernel memory
> enough for me to just change this constant and rebuild? Is there
> work in progress to either release this restriction or make it settable
> on the fly (i.e. a configuration item in /proc or sysctl)?

Its almost impossible to achieve without being able to do clever page
relocations. Even if you support it - you'd never get one allocated.

> I've run into this problem before. There are good engineering and economic
> reasons for the "inexpensive" nature of this board and throwing host
> memory at the problem is really cheaper then other alternatives.

There is an optional "bigphysarea" patch that one of the other capture
drivers with similar hardware weaknesses uses. It commits the memory at
boot time. Most current cards use the BT848 for video capture fortunately
so the problem doesnt arise in that arena.


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