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Subject2.1.84 crashes

Dear Kernel Hacker, I'm having problems with my 2.1.84 kernel, hopefully
this is a minor problem, which you may solve in few minutes ;)

So, i'm running 2.1.84, on RH5.0 based system. I've experienced few
lockups. All have occurred while i've played mp3's. I've noticed that
first X seems to get slower, and playing the music crackles. I suspect
that kernel keeps eating more cpu time as it corrupts itself.

Machine is
6x86 P200+
Intel TX based mobo, QDI Titanium I
6.4G Seagate medalist (IDE tuned to use DMA, unmaskirq)
3.2G Quantum FB ST (IDE tuned to use DMA, unmaskirq)
GUS 3.7 Classic
Modem :)
Matrox Millennium

I'm also using multiple disk driver and masquerading.

If i haven't included some important information, please ask. I ain't
familiar iwth all those kernel thingies; nor making bugreports of them :)

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