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    SubjectRe: sound <-> kerneld
    Alan Cox wrote:
    > > 1. access the sound driver.. in my case "sb" is loaded, which depends
    > > on sound, which is loaded and registers the device.
    > > 2. one minute after this '(if not using the device), kerneld tries
    > > to unload modules automatically, i.e. sb in this case, since
    > > it's unused (sound itself, though, is used)
    > > 3. now everybody (non-root) has to wait for another minute until
    > > sound itself get's unloaded, no sound operation is possible.
    > Thats interesting. Thats really a kerneld flaw. It should be figuring
    > it out it partially unloaded a module set and restore the rest. Equally
    > it can't do that as it wont see the next request.
    IMHO this is not a kerneld bug.
    sb.o is loaded and kerneld and sound.o is required because sb.o
    depends on it. The fact that they were loaded together does not mean
    that they need to get unloaded together. Unloading sb.o and leaving
    sound.o loaded does not break any dependencies.
    On the other hand, I would like to be able to define module dependencies
    and grouping in /etc/modules.conf.

    > > This could be fixed when "sound" automatically loads another module
    > Send me a diff ;)

    Look at Thomas Sailer's sound.80-3.diff.gz. I think the right way to
    go is with explicit request_module calls when any module of the sound
    driver is requested. The kernel just requests "char-major-14" which is
    by default aliased to "sound". What's missing in his patch is automatic
    loading of the synth device (opl3 for sb cards) when the sequencer is

    Itai Nahshon
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