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SubjectRe: Linux 2.1 on an Alpha SX164
From said:
> Since you have an Alpha machine to work and and test with, why don't
> you coordinate the effort to get the various patches merged into the
> 2.1.xx stream? I've seen postings here from a number of Alpha users,
> so there is an active user base to support. Seems like it just needs a
> push to get things done ..

Hehehe - now why didn't I guess you'd suggest that - ISTR a simple fix to ncpfs
ended up taking a fortnight, too :)

My original reason for not doing all the new platforms was because I don't
have test machines for anything but SX164, and I didn't expect to get it to
work without extensive debugging. As it happened, I was shocked to find it
worked first time!

So maybe I will have a go at porting the others. Looking more closely, I see
that there are only two that aren't already in 2.1.85: LX164 and Ruffian.
They both look quite simple, now I'm vaguely aware of what I'm doing (and I
_do_ mean vaguely).

I'm going to need a volunteer with either an LX164 or a "Ruffian" board to test
my attempts, though. I'll happily receive either machine at the address below.

Alternatively, just mail me if you have such a beast, and I'll send you the
patches when I've done them.

---- ---- ----
David Woodhouse, Robinson College, CB3 9AN, England. (+44) 0976 658355
finger for PGP key.

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