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Subjectsound <-> kerneld

nobody else seems to have mentioned it, but there is a conceptual problem
with the modularized sound driver, as well as with some other modules.

using kerneld for the sound driver (or ftape for example), just doesn't

1. access the sound driver.. in my case "sb" is loaded, which depends
on sound, which is loaded and registers the device.
2. one minute after this '(if not using the device), kerneld tries
to unload modules automatically, i.e. sb in this case, since
it's unused (sound itself, though, is used)
3. now everybody (non-root) has to wait for another minute until
sound itself get's unloaded, no sound operation is possible.

This could be fixed when "sound" automatically loads another module
(ftape automatically tries this), but I think there simply is a design
problem, somehow kerneld (or the kernel) should know that 3 modules
really are ONE, otherwise, these modularizing approaches get messy.

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