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    SubjectRe: Linux 2.0.3x & gcc 2.8

    On Wed, 4 Feb 1998, Philip Blundell wrote:

    > >No, you have to convince Alan Cox, that it should. Seems he doesn't like
    > >to fix anything for gcc-280.
    > If you can get people to run kernels with gcc 2.8.0 and this patch for a few
    > weeks and convince everyone that nothing breaks, it can probably go into
    > 2.0.34. Putting it in otherwise is implicitly saying "gcc 2.8.0 is ok", and
    > that's a dangerous thing to do.

    gcc-2.8.0 will break at least 3 network drivers. I've already published
    patches for it. But given the large (about 3) number of people who are
    using them, I would not go for inclusion right now. I've only got success
    reports, though ;)

    And the same problem which is hidden by gcc-2.7 (bad or insufficiently
    tight constraints in asm statements) might pop up in other places. I did
    indeed perform a search and found a few places where it could bite,
    depending on compiler options like optimization level, CPU type...


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