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SubjectRE: updated patch for 2.1.89-3 lock owners

Hello Bill,

Fixed :-)

On 28-Feb-98 Bill Hawes wrote:
> I've found the problem that was causing locks not to be removed with xdm.
> Changing the lock owner field to be the files_struct was conceptually OK, but
> there's a problem in that the files pointer is cleared from the task
> structure
> _before_ the files are closed. This caused the owner comparison to fail when
> a
> file with posix locks was being closed at task exit time.
> Since the "owner" value from the locking standpoint just needs to be
> something
> with the same value for all threads, I've changed the code to use the task's
> fs
> structure pointer. This will be the same among all threads and remains fixed
> until after the files structure has been removed. The attached patch against
> pre-2.1.89-3 should clear up the problems.
> Perhaps someone familiar with the threads implementation has a better
> suggestion
> for a field in the task structure that (1) will always be the same among all
> threads, and (2) remains fixed for the life of the threads.
> Regards,
> Bill

Manuel J. Galan

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