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SubjectRe: New Feature Idea: Compress swap file

> What all you folks seem to forget is that _seek_ time
> is, by far, the dominant factor in swapping.
> Let's assume a 2MB/second, 9ms seek, 5400RPM disk.
> With a disk like this, is takes 9 + (60000 (ms/min) / 5400) / 2 =
> 14.5 ms to find a certain position on the disk.
> And it takes 2meg/4k = 1/512th = 2ms to transfer the block.
> This means that we won't get a performance increase from
> compressed swapping.
> Clustered swapping however, _is_ going to make a _huge_
> difference. So if you want performance, better focus on
> something that will work.

Sorry, what is clustered swapping? Unless you have dedicated disc for
swap (you don't have it, in most cases), you'll fight with normal fs
for disc head. I'm not sure that anything clever will help.

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