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SubjectRe: [Q] (possible offtopic) - /proc/loadavg
On Mon, 23 Feb 1998, Perry Harrington wrote:

> AFAIK, the load average (speaking in thread and OS terms) is the number of
> processes marked 'ready to run' in the scheduler queue, that have been marked
> that status for more than one iteration over the scheduler queue. This is
> explained very well in "Building your own 32bit OS". I'd recommend this book
> to anyone interested in OSes, it is a very good book, and discusess memory
> management, scheduling, kernel architecture and such. However, it is a book
> about a microkernel style architecture, and not a monolithic (Linux) style
> kernel. It also focuses very heavily on how to implement message passing and
> how to do it efficiently in an OS.

Well with the modularity of any of the 2.0.x kernels and
especially the 2.1.x kernels "modulithic" would be a better
description of linux than monolithic. ;o)

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