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    SubjectRe: Hang in wait_on_inode with SMP 2.1.87
    On Sat, Feb 21, 1998 at 11:13:11PM +0100, Carsten Gross wrote:
    > Hi Pavel and Developer list!
    > > interrupts are working]
    > Yes, I know. I've KDE running, and the whole desktope seems to work okay if
    > there is this problem. But, after the "crash", no writes to disk are
    > possible anymore! You can even execute some desktop stuff, but after the
    > first 'write' to disc the process will stuck in "wait_on_inode" and sleep
    > uninterruptible. The editor 'joe' during writing of file, sync, bdflush and
    > so on, everything will stuck if it wants to write something to disc.

    I had the same problem after compiling the kernel with stock gcc-2.8.0.
    When reverting to gcc-2.7.2 the kernel was rock-solid, even ISDN-X75

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    Pauline Middelink
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