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SubjectRe: Hang in wait_on_inode with SMP 2.1.87
Hi Pavel and Developer list!

[Cc'ed to linux-kernel]

On Sat, 21 Feb 1998, Pavel Machek wrote:
> If mouse works, it means that userland is working and it is not crash
> :-). [Keyboard is different case, working keyboard only means that
> interrupts are working]

Yes, I know. I've KDE running, and the whole desktope seems to work okay if
there is this problem. But, after the "crash", no writes to disk are
possible anymore! You can even execute some desktop stuff, but after the
first 'write' to disc the process will stuck in "wait_on_inode" and sleep
uninterruptible. The editor 'joe' during writing of file, sync, bdflush and
so on, everything will stuck if it wants to write something to disc.

Bill Hawes send me a patch (thanks a lot for it!) to get more debug info if
the problem occurs again. Typically this problem seems to occurs during long
operations (with lots of small files) on my slow (compared to the
fixed discs) mo discdrive FUJITSU Model: M2512A mounted read/write.

I'm trying to provoke this problem with a lot of disc activity tomorrow to
get some debug info.

Thanks a lot for your mail.



Carsten Gross Internet:
Wohnheim Heilmeyersteige: Sebastian Kneipp Weg 6, 89075 Ulm

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