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SubjectRe: 2 Questions about Linux
Perry Harrington wrote:

> Does free software have "brand loyalty"? Does RedHat keep existing customers
> because they are RedHat loyal or because it's a technically superior product?
> (That was just an example, not a specific taste/preference) In other words,
> do people choose one free software product over another because it's a superior
> item, or because they have a sense of loyalty to that product?

Without a doubt. I know people who are _very_ loyal to RedHat, because they enjoy
the support, etc. Personally, I don't like the way the RH system is layed out, and
I don't really have a need for the graphical runlevel editor, etc. I use Slackware
because it is very flexible- but, it does not have as much vendor support, and does
not come with as much software as RH or Debian, so it takes longer to set up a full
Slackware Linux box. I think Debian is a good compromise, and I'm in the process of
evaluating it.

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