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Subject2 Questions about Linux
First question:

Is there a globally accessable realtime counter? I'd like to implement
something that does timestamping, with realtime data within the kernel.
Is there a tick count or struct timeval that can be accessed for the current

Second question:

Does free software have "brand loyalty"? Does RedHat keep existing customers
because they are RedHat loyal or because it's a technically superior product?
(That was just an example, not a specific taste/preference) In other words,
do people choose one free software product over another because it's a superior
item, or because they have a sense of loyalty to that product?

This just came up because I feel myself working towards devoting my life to
free software (career wise anyhow), and asked myself the important question:
How do you make money and support a thriving business off of free software,
especially if you are developing it, posting it on an FTP site for download,
and selling it on CD; why would people buy it? (This is rhetorical :)

Your opinions are solicited.



Perry Harrington Linux rules all OSes. APSoft ()
email: Think Blue. /\

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