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    Subjectmmap(), close(), and dget()
      Hi there everybody! Ok, here's my problem
    (character device driver)

    1) App open()s my device inode
    *) dev->open() called.

    2) App mmap()s some memory through the device
    *) dev->mmap() called
    *) I do the MMAP dance..
    *) I set vma->vm_dentry=dget(file->dentry);

    3) App exits
    *) dev->close() called
    *) vma is unregistered

    Isn't that the wrong order for #3? Shouldn't the
    vma's for mallocs be cleaned BEFORE dev->close() is

    Jason McMullan - Linux - GGI -
    NT 5.0 is the last nail in the Unix coffin. Interestingly, Unix
    isn't in the coffin... It's wondering what the heck is sealing
    itself into a wooden box 6 feet underground...

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