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SubjectRe: quake server / 2.1.8x / UDP?
> Somewhere between 2.1.56 and 2.1.85, my quake server (squake -listen and
> squake -dedicated) stopped working.
> About the only other detail I know is that quake uses UDP.
> When I try to connect to the server from localhost or another machine (in
> 2.1.8[567] only), it says "Trying..." several times, then quits. In
> 2.1.56, it finds the host immediately.
> This is SMP, Tyan S1668 dual PPRO, 64MB, de205 isa ethernet (ewrk3
> driver, module), only non-default networking option = IP accounting
> Compiled: pgcc-2.91.02 971216 (gcc-2.8.0)
> (also tried 2.1.87 no SMP gcc same result)

I've been experiencing this too. Running "netstat -au" shows the

Active Internet connections (including servers)
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State
udp 2654 0 *:26000 *:*

(of course, the data in Recv-Q varies depending on how many times I've
tried to connect)

> Suggestions?

I found that reversing the patch to udp.c from 2.1.73 cures the problem
for me, although I'm not enough of a guru to understand why. I'd be
happy to try out a more proper fix.


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