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SubjectRe: ctrl-alt-del not handicap accesable?
On Wed, Feb 18, 1998 at 12:32:30PM -0700, Linux Mailing list account wrote:
> Recently, a friend of mine (who only has one arm) was complaining to me that
> ctrl-alt-del did not shutdown/reboot his linux box. It took me a minute to
> realize that you must use the left control and alt keys -- the right ones
> don't work. He now uses his nose to reboot his system, but complains to me
> every time :)

> Is there any reason we are only allowing the left control and alt keys to be
> used?

Just the default keymap. Look at man loadkeys.

On my machine, I can reboot using the so-called three finger salute or
vulcan nerve pinch, right-alt, right-ctrl, central-delete. BUT I can't use
right-alt to switch VC's (I must fix that sometime).

My /etc/default.keymap has:
keycode 83 = KP_Period
altgr control keycode 83 = Boot
control alt keycode 83 = Boot

To set reboots on the keypad delete. The 'altgr' is the right alt key.

It also has
keycode 100 = AltGr
Which might be useful to change to
keycode 100 = Alt
(although I don't know that that will work, I can't see why it wouldn't
turn the right alt key into a synonym for the left).

I then have
keycode 111 = Remove
altgr control keycode 111 = Boot
control alt keycode 111 = Boot

I presume that your friend's machine either doesn't have this last entry
with the reboot _or_ altgr isn't working or he just needs to map that key
to Alt instead of Altgr.

It's certainly possible for him to achieve what he wants. And much more.

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