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    SubjectRe: ncr53c8xx + tulip IRQ sharing


    With time and patience you can often force cards onto different

    Make sure you have lots of free interrupts. Disable as many builtin
    devices as possible to free up interrupts.

    Whenever you have two devices sharing an interrupt, mark that
    interrupt as "used by ISA" in the BIOS to force the BIOS to reassign
    the interrupt for those cards. Free up the interrupt again after the
    cards are reassigned.

    Try adding PCI cards one at a time. Each time you add a card, make
    sure it moves to a free iterrupt. Before adding another card, make
    sure there is at least one more free interrupt.

    Force cards down to the lower interrupts like 3 and 5 by marking all
    other free interrupts as used by ISA.

    Often some PCI slots will always be assigned the same interrupt.
    Watch for these and but like cards (e.g. both Symbios controllers) in
    those slots.

    By adding and removing cards, changing the BIOS settings, etc. you can
    often force cards to the desired interrupts.


    Jon Lewis writes:
    > Barring a BIOS upgrade, which AIR says isn't happening, is there any way
    > to force PCI devices to use different IRQs?

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