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SubjectRe: 3940UW Driver Locks the Machine
Topi Miettinen wrote:
> Doug Ledford writes:
> > Especially when you consider that without the code, the driver went into an
> > abort/reset loop continually resetting the drive because it was failing on
> > tagged commands. The drives in question were IBM DFS series drives shipped
> > by Sun and Apple.
> Sounds familiar (abort/reset loop with IBM DPES & DFHS). We've fixed a lot
> of problems by disabling tagged queuing and disconnection. I really, really
> hate 'aborting command due to timeout blah blah'. Can anyone recommend a
> hard drive manufacturer which sells 100% OK drives?

Those drives are usually fine once you use something like scsiinfo to go
into the mode page and un-set the DQue bit.


Doug Ledford <>
Opinions expressed are my own, but
they should be everybody's.

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