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SubjectRe: Linux boot messages ?
James Mastros wrote:

> > Feb 11 11:20:39 michelange kernel: Error seeking in /dev/kmem
> > Feb 11 11:20:39 michelange kernel: Error adding kernel module table entry.
> > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

> No <G>. These messages aren't realy from the kernel, but rather from klogd
> -- the kernel logging daemon. Klogd outputs it's own startup messages using
> the "kernel" facility, rather then the more correct "daemon" facility. It
> outputs it's startup messages, then the kernel's, resulting in an odd
> ordering.

Ok thanks for this information.

> Note that you should probably update your klogd -- it shouldn't
> be trying to read the module symbol table from /dev/kmem, but rather from
> /proc/ksyms.

My klodg is from RH5.0. I looked into the code and it seems
that the error comes from a module with an adress unseekable
in /dev/kmem.

First /proc/ksyms is read. Then for all module symbols, the
static int AddModule(address, symbol)
is called and does a test
lseek(memfd, address, SEEK_SET) < 0
In case this is true, Syslog is called with
Error seeking in /dev/kmem
as a message.

So I think that for some module symbol, the address is not
correct with respect to the kernel. How is this possible ?

> Klogd dosn't know about your kernel version, so it can't find the module
> symbol table within the kernel memory image.

I don't think klogd look for this table in /dev/kmem.

Thanks for your answer, it helped a lot.

Dominique Larchey

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