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SubjectRe: ANNOUNCE: /dev/bios - flash rom bios driver

> As a solution I tried to write some Linux software which is able to do
> the same fine thing. The BIOS is in some way a piece of hardware and
> it's very sensitive. So I decided to write a kernel driver that contains
> the neccessary information to read/write those flashchips. Userland
> programs that stop multitasking to prevent bios write failures are
> undiscussable in my opion.
> With this driver it's possible to do things like
> dd if=/bios.bin of=/dev/bios bs=128k count=1

Hmmmm ... does

dd if=/dev/bios of=/boot/bios.bak

also work?

What's about mistakes? This interface is very easy and
therefore it _is_ very dangerous, isn't it?


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