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SubjectRe: umsdos/uvfat
Followup to:  <>
By author: James Mastros <>
In newsgroup:
> >
> > 1) not all world has converted yet to Win95, some still has only old DOS
> > partitions around. Which work without ugly vfat thingies.
> So? We convert them to vfat. All but the most low-level (defragmenters,
> fsckers) will work fine.

And DOS itself -- it can read VFAT fine, but can trash a VFAT
directory on writing.

> > 2) I can use any old dos tool or anything that doesn't have a clue about
> > umsdos to zip, copy, or whatever whole directory structures, and then
> > unzip/copy them somewhere else, and whoa, without any trouble all my long
> > names, permissions, owners etc. are there.
> OK. This is a valid point... but any operations within Linux will work just
> fine, so you can "zip, copy, or whatever", so long as you do it with
> lfn-aware tools from dos, or any tools from within linux.

"LFN-aware tools" only work in Win95 dos boxen, not in DOS proper.

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