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SubjectRe: Good news for SPARC/Linux
Larry McVoy writes:
> Sun has gotten official about their Linux plans.
> Sun Microsystems to Support Linux O/S on its Hardware,
> REPORTS Computer Reseller News
> MANHASSET, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 4, 1998--Sun Microsystems Inc.
> (Nasdaq: SUNW - news) said it will announce, as early as next week,
> widespread support for the Linux operating system on its hardware,
> according to an exclusive page-one story to appear in the December 7
> issue of CMP Media's Computer Reseller News.
> Sun has been working quietly with distributors and a select number of
> Linux community representatives to port Linux to its UltraSparc processor
> by as early as February, channel sources and Sun executives told the
> technology newspaper. The initiative, unofficially called UltraPenguin,
> mainly involves Sun hardware and not the company's own Solaris operating
> system, they said.

I don't know what to make of this statement. When I first read it, it
sounded like they are helping port Linux to the UltraSparc. But
UltraPenguin is already available! So what are they actually going to
help with?



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