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    SubjectGood news for SPARC/Linux
    Sun has gotten official about their Linux plans.

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    From: Henning Henningsen <Henning.Henningsen@Central.Sun.COM>
    Subject: linux news w/ sun...
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    well whatcha think of this.... you must still be a shaker in the back room..
    you can be happy you had a part in this...


    Sun Microsystems to Support Linux O/S on its Hardware,
    REPORTS Computer Reseller News

    MANHASSET, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 4, 1998--Sun Microsystems Inc.
    (Nasdaq: SUNW - news) said it will announce, as early as next week,
    widespread support for the Linux operating system on its hardware,
    according to an exclusive page-one story to appear in the December 7
    issue of CMP Media's Computer Reseller News.

    Sun has been working quietly with distributors and a select number of
    Linux community representatives to port Linux to its UltraSparc processor
    by as early as February, channel sources and Sun executives told the
    technology newspaper. The initiative, unofficially called UltraPenguin,
    mainly involves Sun hardware and not the company's own Solaris operating
    system, they said.

    This is not Sun's first attempt to cooperate with those supporting the
    popular alternative flavor of Unix. In November, the company committed
    to helping port its Java Development Kit 1.2 to Linux.

    ``We consider anyone who is using Linux to be in the open standards camp
    and making good things happen, especially since there is such great
    interoperability between Linux and Solaris,'' Sun's group manager for
    Power Workstations Robert Novak told Computer Reseller News. ``It offers
    a real strong alternative to NT and Windows.''

    In addition to appearing in the December 7 issue of Computer Reseller
    News, complete reporting by Section Editor Joe Wilcox will be posted to
    the technology newspaper's Web site,

    Published by CMP Media Inc., Computer Reseller News has a circulation
    of more than 115,000 and reaches readers with the product trends and
    industry news needed to sell comprehensive technology solutions. The
    publication's news coverage is also available via e-mail through CRN
    Direct. This free, customizable daily newsletter--available in both
    text and full-HTML formats--allows users to choose up to 20 companies,
    products and trends to track. Registration for CRN Direct is available
    through CRN Online (

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