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SubjectRe: Unlimited number of processes, x86, 2.1.131

On Tue, 8 Dec 1998, Petko Manolov wrote:

> Ok, the patch applied cleanly. Sadly there was a problem with compiling.

[this was only a problem with the version i've sent you :)]

> You'd forgot to comment mmu_cr4_features in arch/i386/mm/init.c and
> linkker is moaning for duplicate. The variable is in
> arch/i386/kernel/setup.c. Except this all went OK. I'm writing this
> with your kernel running ;-).


> If i understand correctly this can't be aplied for 2.0.xx series -
> you remove tr field from tss struct(as tss itself) - where we do
> task switch thru TSS descriptor in GDT. But this is obviously not
> necessery for where we do SW task switch.

sure the concept can be applied. Actually, some older version (i have
posted it to linux-kernel, it's a 2.1.55 thing, maybe still on linuxhq)
went the whole way. I might port it back to 2.0, if there is sufficient

-- mingo

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