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SubjectRe: DHCP
Allen Goldstein wrote:
> I've been running SMP on RH5.0 with kernel 2.0.36; also using DHCP to
> connect to my ISP. The system is constipated when unpacking gzipped tar
> files.
> It unpacks then goes out to lunch; unpacks again and goes out to lunch,
> etc.
> I tried kernel 2.1.131. No more constipation --far from it. But
> unfortunately
> DHCP no longer works. Any ideas?

Well... it is possbile... that there was an old problem with Redhat
5.x, where you had to edit /etc/nsswitch.conf. If you don't use nis, or
nis+ remove all refereces to it. This has 'fixed' most proples problem
regard to that. Now I can't say this is right, and I did not get the
driectly from Redhat. I just reported it to the Redhat Install list, and
another fellow who had created a trouble ticket, forwarded the fix to

That was quite a while ago, but It works fine....



As far as DHCP - I am clueless.

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