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    SubjectRe: linux-kernel-digest V1 #3074
    >From: Richard Stallman <>
    >Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 08:25:01 -0500
    >Subject: [linux-audio-dev] ISA Plug & Play support in kernel
    >I agree, it is high time that ALSA was made the standard sound driver
    >in Linux. The existing sound module is limited; even worse, it
    >advertises a proprietary freedom-subtracted software package as the
    >remedy for its limitations.

    ALSA isn't ready yet, as Jaroslav has pointed out (no working
    sequencer, inadequate current H/W support). It will be soon, and I
    intend to help by porting my WaveFront driver to ALSA once the
    sequencer appears stable-ish. But I also want to disagree with your
    next paragraph:

    >When such an important piece of free software as Linux contains ads
    >for proprietary software, it gives the whole community an unfortunate
    >message--not the sort of message will inspire people to write
    >additional free drivers.

    On the contrary. Its *exactly* the fact that there wasn't a good
    *free* driver for the Turtle Beach WaveFront soundcards that made me
    write one. I think that many of the potential device driver writing
    community are of a similar bent: the existence of a proprietary
    non-open-source driver acts as a stimulant to produce an open source
    one so that we can all benefit. I also feel similarly about the use,
    for example, of a DOS-boot-thru that uses some existing DOS utility to
    configure a card: yes, its there and it works, but its also a great
    reason for figuring out how to do it from Linux. Yes, not many people
    think this way, but I'd wager many Linux device driver writers do.


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