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SubjectVFAT and 2.2.0-pre1-acX?
    I haven't had time to investigate this issue thouroughly, but it seems
that something in the 2.2.0-pre1-acX kernels is breaking vfat support.
Whenever I boot up/mount my vfat partitions under 2.2.0-pre1-ac2 or ac4 (I
missed 1 and 3), I get a "bad FSInfo offset" (or something similar) error,
but the partition still manages to mount. The only problem is that after
being mounted, my vfat partitions automagically become 100% full. I am able
to read from the partitions, but writing is impossible. Under win98 (yick),
scandisk.log reports:

Drive Tessier (C:) contained the following errors:

The drive contained an error in its FSInfoSector.
Resolution: Repair the error
Results: Error was corrected as specified above.

ScanDisk found errors on this drive and fixed them all.

I have been running 2.1.X kernels without this problem and 2.2.0-pre1
did not seem to do this either. Once I started using Alan's pre1-acX
patches, this happens without fail. Is anybody else experiencing a similar


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