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SubjectRe: Linux-2.2.0 (pre1)
> > Almost ;) 100,000fd's and vma patch short. To follow once I can seperate them
> > from the other -ac stuff.
> The multi-fd patch wasn't stable the last I heard - unless the multi-fd
> patch has magically stabilized since, it's not 2.2.0 material.
> The vma one I just forgot about.

Stephen took Bill's patches and fixed the bugs in them. Everyone running
-ac trees for a while has been using Stephens patch. I'm about to go line
by line through the tree differences to sort stuff into

o Neat, but not Linus tree (quite a few of those)
o For Linus
o Oops where did that come from (quite a few of those too so far)
o Possibly stale (bounce back via submitters to check)

Certainly feels close, and I do have a pile of stuff in my tree thats not
exactly urgent 2.2 material (SMP optimised 3c501 :))


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