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SubjectRe: Patch for PAS sound driver (2.1.131)
Under what conditions were you seeing incorrect IRQ settings for the PAS
16? I've never noticed a problem with the kernel detecting and using
the card with the correct settings, including the Soundblaster
emulation. Of course, the card was set up in its current configuration a
long time ago under DOS and I've never had an occasion to change it.
That may have something to do with it.

I'll have to try your patch though, since I had noticed the problem with
undloading modules when compiled and installed that way. Since I mostly
compile and use the card monolithicaly, I haven't felt compelled to look
into the code closely.

On Sun, 27 Dec 1998, Alex Stewart wrote:

> Hiho.. I recently started looking at the 2.1 kernel by downloading and
> compiling 2.1.131.. Everything seems to be working fairly smoothly
> except I noticed that the sound driver for the Pro Audio Spectrum sound
> cards has some bugs in it.

>This patch fixes bugs in the linux kernel (2.1.131) for the Pro Audio
>Spectrum (pas2) sound card driver:
> * Fixed IRQ hardware setup to actually set the correct IRQ.
> * Fixed code to correctly address cards with non-default base address
> as per published specifications.
> * Removed apparently unnecessary module dependency which causes
> driver to be unable to load when compiled as a module.

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