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    SubjectRe: /dev/one - why not /dev/repeat?
    Steve VanDevender wrote:

    [ Stupidity snipped ]

    > Everything you list as examples of "useless bloat" are things
    > that only the kernel can do properly in a multiuser system.

    #1 Serial console? edit /etc/inittab and put a getty on /dev/ttyS0
    #2 /dev/nvram? userlandable
    #3 intird? FS on the HD, or floppy. A custom 'init' will let you compress it.
    #4 romfs? Minix is already there. Use read only mode.

    NONE of these NEED to be in the kernel. They are in there because they work
    BETTER, and offer greater flexablity.

    > The point is that if you want to spew a lot of repeated data into
    > a disk file, writing a small user-space utility to do it will
    > actually be _faster_ (because it doesn't have to read() a block
    > for every write() it does) and quite likely smaller than the
    > amount of extra kernel code needed to implement a pseudodevice.

    THE POINT IS IT IS MUCH MORE FLEXABLE THEN THAT. Get it through your skull.

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