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SubjectRe: patch for sd.c: fix MB vs. GB
GD> With disks it is otherwise. So, I think the best patch would not
GD> be to introduce more occurrences of 1024, but to replace the
GD> remaining 1024's by 1000's and give real SI MB and GB figures.

Please no! kB, MB, GB etc get their meaning from the contents not the
representation. K, M, G etc are used just as a convenience to say
1024, 1024*1024 etc in computer terms.

People have used decimal system because they have 10 fingers.
Comupters are digital instruments, it's natural to use base 2 numbers
inside. It's inevitable that powers of 2 do not end with a line of
zeroes. If we want to describe the internals of computers, it's natural
to use powers of 2.

Meelis Roos (

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