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    SubjectStrange behaviour of file systems

    I am figuring out the behaviour of buffer cache and have been facing a
    strange problems.
    I am creating a test directory and copying some ascii files to that directory
    after which
    I do a sync and then execute the command
    "cat /mnt/*" in a loop where /mnt is the mount point for that device.
    In the middle of this operation, I shutdown my machine. The next time I reboot
    the machine,
    the device is corrupted and after doing e2fsck on that, half the files are
    corrupted. My
    doubt is cat should open all the files in read only mode; then why is the file
    system getting
    modified. My understanding is fs will be put in an inconsistent state only if
    there are dirty
    buffers/inodes not yet flushed and the shutdown occurs. Here I am making sure
    that all my
    buffers are flushed back( I go thru the OS's buffer cache and print out all
    the dirty buffers
    for the device; there are none) and I am opening the files in read only mode.
    How does the
    file system reach an inconsistent state?

    Thanks and Regards


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    Oracle Software India Ltd.

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